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Bamboo Management

Bamboo Management

The majority of bamboo that has been planted has never been maintained.

This has caused many people to develop negative impressions of bamboo. It has also caused many frustrated home owners and landscapers to feel that bamboo can’t be controlled.

Effectively managing bamboo requires both knowledge and hands on experience. There is a reason why we are the only company in the area to specialize in bamboo management & removal. Every grove of bamboo is a small forest and should be managed accordingly.  This is a skill that has taken years to develop and is something that we continue to hone.

Our team of Bamboo Specialist receive extensive training is species identification, proper pruning methods, and our best management practices to keep your bamboo healthy and looking great.

Bamboo Containment Projects

Spring City, PA
Yardley, PA
Willistown, PA
Downingtown, PA
Gladwyne, PA
Devon, PA

Our client planted this bamboo fro two reasons. Erosion control along the steep stream bank and privacy from the pesky fishermen. For years this client root pruned the bamboo to keep help slow the spread. Getting older and tired of the work, he decided it was time to have it professionally contained. We cut back and thinned sections of the bamboo as well.

We were contacted by this client after his neighbor complained about the bamboo. We provided a quote to install a root barrier just outside his fence. We were tossed a major curve ball when the neighbor insisted that the barrier was installed inside our client’s fence. Changes like this can easily turn a one day project into two. We are happy to accommodate changes like this as long as our client’s understand the additional cost. In the end this one turned out awesome.

Our client decided it was time to contain the bamboo as they noticed the root system quickly approaching their garden and some fruit trees. We cut the bamboo back to make the line more linear and expose a spotlight the bamboo had consumed.

This project was for a client that wanted no parts of the bamboo and was concerned his neighbor’s would not do their part. He chose to have us install the barrier on all three sides of his back yard. Note the elevation changes we had to work with given the raised area behind the pool.