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Bamboo Containment

Bamboo Containment

Bamboo Root Barrier Installations:

We use high quality HDPE barriers that are specifically designed for bamboo. The barrier acts to deflect the rhizomes, preventing the bamboo from spreading into unwanted locations.

CC Bamboo only uses 80mil HDPE barriers. Other companies will use the less expensive 60mil material, which has far less puncture resistance. We don’t just dig a trench and toss the barrier in. We carefully measure the depth of the trench as we go and then thorughly dry fit the barrier to make sure that the height above ground is consistent and level. The side wall is then inspected for any roots or sharp rocks that could puncture the barrier overtime. Back filling the trench takes time to ensure that the barrier sits straight without twists and curves. Proper compaction both mechanically and manually is the only way to prevent settlement and or erosion caused by voids left on either side of the barrier.

Single Sided Bamboo Barrier:

There are many situations that only require the bamboo to be controlled on one side. A single sides barrier is best for a larger yard, where the area in front of the bamboo can be mowed or edged to keep it within the desired area. It should be noted that rhizomes can easily spread 20′-40′ from the original planting. By mowing the new growth, the rhizomes remains viable underground. Therefore, if your vegetable garden is only 10′ from the bamboo, you would need to edge the rhizomes, to prevent them from sneaking into that area.

This method does have a few long term benefits, since the bamboo will be less congested and better able to release energy.


Double Sided Bamboo Barrier:

A double sided barrier completely surrounds the bamboo and is bolted together at the seam. Double sided barriers are the best option for smaller planting areas. Since the bamboo is contained to a predetermined area, it is more likely to become congested. This can take years to happen, but should be noted as nothing is truly maintenance free.

Note: Over the years, people have come up with some creative barriers. The simple fact is that most materials break down quickly when buried in the ground. Any seam or crack that the bamboo comes across, it will find a way through. This is why we strongly advise against the use of other materials such as; metal “rust”, concrete “cracks”, rigid panels “seams”. 

Bamboo Containment Projects

Spring City, PA
Yardley, PA
Willistown, PA
Downingtown, PA
Gladwyne, PA
Devon, PA

Our client planted this bamboo fro two reasons. Erosion control along the steep stream bank and privacy from the pesky fishermen. For years this client root pruned the bamboo to keep help slow the spread. Getting older and tired of the work, he decided it was time to have it professionally contained. We cut back and thinned sections of the bamboo as well.

We were contacted by this client after his neighbor complained about the bamboo. We provided a quote to install a root barrier just outside his fence. We were tossed a major curve ball when the neighbor insisted that the barrier was installed inside our client’s fence. Changes like this can easily turn a one day project into two. We are happy to accommodate changes like this as long as our client’s understand the additional cost. In the end this one turned out awesome.

Our client decided it was time to contain the bamboo as they noticed the root system quickly approaching their garden and some fruit trees. We cut the bamboo back to make the line more linear and expose a spotlight the bamboo had consumed.

This project was for a client that wanted no parts of the bamboo and was concerned his neighbor’s would not do their part. He chose to have us install the barrier on all three sides of his back yard. Note the elevation changes we had to work with given the raised area behind the pool.