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What to expect from bamboo:

Our Bamboo is taken from mature divisions of locally grown bamboo. A mature division will establish itself much faster than a small potted plant or one grown from tissue culture. This also provides a much hardier plant, since they have not be grown on a controlled environment. 
In this area bamboo send up new shoots from late spring through mid-summer. If your bamboo is planted in the spring, you will see new shoots in the first season. If planted in the late summer or fall, you will have to wait for spring to see the new shoots. The following spring however, both situations will result in similar growth rates. 
Within 2-3yrs, your bamboo will be fully established and will begin to spread outside the original planted area. The speed at which this happens varies greatly. Factors such as species, soil conditions, sunlight, watering and feeding will all effect the growth of your bamboo. Bamboo grown in well amended soil, will spread faster than bamboo grown in heavily compacted clay soil. 
There are several methods to control bamboo. The best method depends on your specific situation. If you are planting bamboo in a narrow area along a property line, you should consider using a root barrier. This will prevent the bamboo from spreading onto your neighbor's property. Conversely, if you have a large property and desire a thick privacy screen, you can simply mow around the bamboo, which will keep the new shoots contained in the desired area.
Knowing that maintained bamboo is happy bamboo, we are proud to offer custom service contracts. Service contracts are offered to everyone, even if we did not plant your bamboo. 
In winter your bamboo will go dormant, but maintains it's leaves. In harsh winters, you may notice some leaf burn. The bamboo will systematically shed it's leaves in the spring, while growing new ones. In wet snow & ice, bamboo may bend under the weight, but the canes are very flexible and rarely break. Best of all, should anything get damaged, it will replenish itself with new growth in the spring. This will not happen to an established hedge of evergreens that could cost thousands of dollars to replace or years to grow back!


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