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Other Services:

Although bamboo is our passion, we are proud to offer our customers cost effective slutions to all of their outdoor needs. When the need arise we have a close network of friends that are some of the top designers, arborists and installers in the field. From a small technical job to a large scale design/build, I will put together the best team possible to not only make it happen, BUT to make it happen On Time and On Budget!

Water Features

Water features are great addition to virtually any property. The can range from a small protable unit to a full blown koi pond with waterfall. Pondless systems have become a new trend due to the increased safety, and reduced maintenance. 


Tree & Shrub Installation

Over the years we have installed and transplanted all kinds if trees and shrubs. Many of our bamboo removal clients have asked us to install fresh plant material after removing their bamboo. Our relationship with local nurseries enables us to quickly locate specimen quality material at great prices. 



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Other Services: Tree & Shrub Installation, Ponds & Pondless Waterfalls, Brush Clearing, Excavation, Grading, Snow Removal