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Grove Improvement:

Every grove of bamboo is like a small forest and requires a similar management plan.

Without this, the grove will become congested, overgrown and will begin to deteriorate overtime.

No matter how bad a grove may look, our team of Bamboo Specialists can restore the health and vigor.


Newtown Square:

This is very likely, the largest ongoing bamboo management project in the country. You'll be hard pressed to find this much established bamboo in one location.The bamboo was originally planted for both privacy and erosion control.


This grove was extremely overgrown and wild grape vine had spread into the canopy from nearby trees. The grove was thinned and a root barrier was installed to prevent further encroachment into the yard.




The bamboo pictured here was purchased from and installed by a local nursery that no longer exists. Our client began to see the bamboo declining in appearance and becoming overly congested. We evaluated the entire grove and performed and extensive grove cleaning. The canes were also proactively topped to prevent any interference with the power lines during the winter months.

King of Prussia:

We received a call from this client after their neighbor complained about the bamboo leaning into their driveway. The neighbor had been hacking at the bamboo and cutting the canes about knee high. Unfortunately, the portion of the cane that is left, creates a very dangerous situation. We understand the neighbor actually had a reason to call the bamboo a pain in the butt. Apparently, he slipped and fell on the knee high stumps he was leaving behind...."Ouch!"


Our friends at MW Design Group had planted bamboo in a raised planter on the Center City roof top. After a few years, it was realized that the planters were in need of a little help. The bamboo had to be removed, divided and replanted into stock tanks.


Initially, there were three small groves of bamboo on this property. We have since completely removed one of the groves and have cleaned and contained the other two.


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