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Bamboo Removal:

CC Bamboo is the premier provider of Bamboo Management and Removal services. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective and sustainable solution to solve your problem. We have hands on experience with groves as large as 6 acres and as mature as 60 years old.

There is no doubt that we are the most experienced team in the country!


Wilmington: Wilmington Friends School

Wilmington Friends School was in the process of replacing their lacrosse field and track. There was a large stand of bamboo at the end of the track that covered the entire hillside. The bamboo was of great concern to the school and they wanted to be certain that it would not return.

We donated over 200 canes from this project to the Bradywine Zoo for the new Red Panda exhibit. We also harvested leaves to feed the Pandas. With the zoo only 2 miles away this worked out great.


This grove was located on the road for the elementary school. It was overly congested and the home owner was no longer able to care for it. The decision was made to remove it and establish a new landscape.



When this client purchased his home, he was told that the bamboo was fully contained. He noticed rhizomes outside the barrier in several areas and called us for an expert opinion.

When I went to investigate what was done, it was clear that whoever did the work did not secure any seams in the barrier. Much of the barrier was below grade and a portion was a heavy duty aluminum that was only 18" tall. Needless to say the barrier was a complete waste and needed to be completely redone.

We provided quotes to replace the barrier and to remove the entire grove. After digesting the cost our client opted for complete removal.

West Chester:

This was an interesting project that involved two neighbors who are not best of friends. Although the bamboo could have been contained our client decided to have it removed.


New Castle County recently passed an ordinance against bamboo. As a result a complaint was filed about the bamboo. Our client was threatened with fines and given 30 days to remove the bamboo. Our client was literally scared about the situation and fortunately found us after getting a few estimates from general landscapers that would have made a bad situation worse. The mature trees complicated this removal along with the steep slope up to the driveway.



The harsh winter of 2013 took its toll on Arrow bamboo. Although cold hardy this species did not do well with the excessive snow and brutal cold. Our clients realized that the bamboo had taken over half their yard and were not interested in maintaining it. During this removal we uncovered roughly 20 feet of driveway that the root system had simply grown on top of.Some bamboo had spread into the neighbors yard, so we removed a section of the fence and removed that as well.


This grove was neglected for years and our client decided it was time to have it removed. She debated the decision for over a year but it was time. A few weeks past between the time it was cut down and excavated. You can see how quickly the new growth started shooting in an attempt to survive.

Baltimore MD: Removal & Containment

This project stemmed from a lawsuit between two neighbors. CC Bamboo worked with the client to provide a professional assessment of the situation for the court. The neighbor planted the bamboo approx. 10 years ago. A root barrier was installed on his side of the bamboo, causing it to run more aggressively to our clients yard. Over the years the bamboo took over the yard and required us to remove an 8' privacy fence, 2 chain link fences, a paver walkway and the clients deck.

During our work the defendant realized that what he thought he was capable of removing was far above his capabilities. He chose to hire CC Bamboo to remove his bamboo as well. Even though we removed all the bamboo, the settlement required a root barrier to be installed between the two properties, which we did as well.

The volume of material removed from the property amounted to more than 40 tons of material!

Newark DE: Removal

This grove was extremely congested and more than 40 years old. It was originally planted around a pond at the bottom of a steep hill. Over the years it grew up the hill and eventually infiltrated the septic systems on 2 properties. Limited access and steep swampy terrain made this project rather complicated.

Norristown PA: Removal & Containment

This property and the surrounding properties have several groves of bamboo. Our client recently purchased the home and wanted to remove a grove in the backyard to open his views to a golf course. We also did a partial removal and barrier installation thelong his driveway. This provided a best case scenario in which the neighbors kept their bamboo and we preserved our clients evergreens. The bamboo had begun to push up and break through our clients driveway.
This project had several site specific concerns. We had to work around a large sewer line, the water lines and a very shallow gas line. Fortunately the utilities were marked very clearly because we found that the 50 year old gas line was only 7" deep!

West Chester: Removal

Our customer planted the bamboo close to 10 years ago. They felt that it was becoming too much to handle and were ready for a change. They loved the look, shade and sound it provided so its safe to say this was a family debate.


Chalfont: Removal & Containment

This involved a customer that had planted bamboo over 20 years ago and maintained it without any issues. Then the farm behind their home was sold and the development was built. Unfortunately, no thought was given to the "preexisting" bamboo and a fence was placed directly on the property line.

A few years later the HOA realized that they were fighting a situation out of their (and their landscapers) control. The homeowner was then notified by the HOA that the bamboo needed to contained or removed.

Fortunately, we were contacted and were able to work with both parties to find an amicable solution. The bamboo was removed on the HOA's side of the fence and a barrier was installed around the customer's bamboo to prevent any further spread.

Havertown: Removal

This project was driven by a recent ordinance passed by Haverford Township. The Township received several complaints about bamboo that had spread onto neighboring properties. In this situation, the bamboo was maintained in a raised bed for years without any problems. A neighbor liked the bamboo and allowed it to spread onto their property. Unfortunately, this neighbor did not understand how bamboo grows and never tried to contain the spread. Fast forward another 10 years and the rhizomes had spread across the entire yard, reaching another neighbor. Suffice to say, the newly effected neighbor was extremely concerned about the bamboo and was influential in the Townships new ordinance.



Allentown - Removal

We were contacted by this client who had moved into the home a few years ago. Recent heavy snows were causing the bamboo to lean into their elderly neighbors driveway, which they wanted to prevent. Given the concentrations of mature trees on the property, our clients decided to just remove the bamboo and open up the area.

West Chester - Removal & Replanting

Our clients had planted a small running bamboo that they purchased at a garden center. They planted it in the rear beds alongside several other plants. Overtime the bamboo spread throughout the beds and found safe haven among several old tree roots. This made it very difficult for the homeowner to control as they would cut the bamboo but were unable to extract the rhizomes. We attempted to preserve the older shrubs but the decision was made to remove everything and start over. We tarp-ed the back of the house and used our air spade to locate the rhizomes. Upon completion, we rebuilt the customers grill pad and added new plants.

Manayunk - Removal

This was one of our first large removals. The yard was mess with and had not been maintained for years. We removed several tons of debris before we even got to the bamboo. Initially our client considered maintaining the bamboo along the adjacent alley, but then decided to remove it all together. All said and done, we removed close to 30,000 lbs of material!

Swathmore: Removal & Barrier

This client had a few groves of bamboo on their property. We initially provided a general cleaning and it was then decided to remove one grove of bamboo and contain the other two. Given the mature trees on either side of the bamboo, we manually extracted the majority of the bamboo.




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