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Bamboo Poles - Locally Harvested

Our Bamboo poles are hand selected and harvested from the groves we maintain.

We select these canes based upon age and diameter.

We do maintain a small inventory of cut canes, but prefer to harvest fresh canes upon request. We have found that this provides our customers with the optimum quality and workability. If you want to split the canes, they are much easier to split when they are fresh. Fresh cut canes are also much easier to cut without the risk of splitting and cracking. 

Many of the cured canes we have purchased in the past, do not appear as advertised. This is likely due to the fact that the products are shipped from China and lack general quality control. Our competitive advantage, is that we know with certainty the species of bamboo, growing conditions and age of the canes. 


  Phyllostachys Canes - Available up to 30' long. Diameters from .5" - 3". Please consider shipping restrictions based on lenght of canes. 

  Canes are sold in bundles of 5, pricining based on length & diameter. 





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