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Bamboo Installations: Before & After


After a complete renovation of his home our client couldn't wait to install bamboo in the planter he built. Once I saw the awesome wood work there was no doubt that Spectabilis was the perfect choice. Spectabilis is rare in this area and given limited quantities this one always sells out!


After a complete pool restoration our client wanted more privacy and ambiance. Bamboo was the perfect choice to function as a backdrop to the yet to be installed garden & water feature. After installing a root barrier 10'-15' Bissetii were planted.



Our client had several planters they wanted to fill with bamboo. Due to the planter dimensions these plants were custom harvested to be sure the root balls would fit. The small alley we had to navigate was so tight we barely got the big truck out!


This installation was done with a singlee sided barrier and our client was very please with how big the plants were. The neighbor's trees no longer provided the privacy the once did and the other plants in the area, would never reach the heights needed. We removed the old landscaping and installed the root barrier. Shortly after that we installed a row of 10'-15' plants and staggered several 20' plants to fill the area in.


This first step of this project was to remove a few trees that the client was tired of. We then installed a single sided barrier along the property line. Once we were ready for the bamboo, we brought in several awesome P. Spectabilis. Later in the summer we added another dozen plants and continued the barrier around the front side of the bamboo. This project looks awesome and our client was a pleasure to work for.


This client came to us for bamboo to compliment a water feature he was adding. During our initial conversation it was clear that he was having trouble finding someone that would "listen" to what he wanted.

We listened and when we provided the client with our recommendations, he was pleasantly surprised.

With a small child, our client had obvious concerns with a pond. In order to provide the sound of flowing water without the drowning hazard, we designed a pond-less waterfall.

Pond-less waterfalls have a basin below ground that captures and retains the water when not in use. These systems are not only safe, they are easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

Although we have had limited supplies of Black Bamboo, this was clearly a worthy location. We hand selected several specimen pieces of Black Bamboo and installed them on either side of the water feature. A root barrier was installed around the bamboo, to prevent it from have the ability to pierce the pond liner.


This project is best described as "The Physical Challenge". Our client lives on the side of a steep hill and needed help replanting an area he just cleared.
We recommended our 15'-20' tall plants and a few 25' tall plants. Navigating these plants down the hill was no easy task, but we got done. With plants as tall as 25', our solution more than tripled the height of the evergreens he initially considered. These plants can be expected to produce new growth as tall as 20' next year! The evergreens would have taken 10-15 years or more to reach this height.


This project posed a few challenges and required truly "custom dug" plants.  We needed large specimen plants but the planting area was very narrow and access was very limited. Welcoming the challenge we searched every grove we have to find the perfect (15'- 20'+) P. nuda. A root barrier was also installed to ensure that the bamboo could not escape into the adjacent courtyard. The fun part was carrying these 80lb+ plants across the street, through a narrow breezeway and over the 6' fence.


Our client loves bamboo and hated the neighbors aging evergreen hedge. We installed two privacy screens, both of which included a root barrier along the property line. We also installed several clumping bamboos along the driveway entrance. The clumping bamboos will be slower to fill in, but will thrive in the shady area, without any concern of spreading onto the neighbor's property.

This client had a vision of what he wanted and provided the template. We selected the bamboo and located the stone.
A mix of species were selected including; Black, Yellow Groove and Sasa Veitchii.  

West Chester:

"Our Bamboo VS Other Bamboo"

Our client contacted us after hiring another landscaper. She had a lot of questions about the entire project and was under the impression that we supplied the plants. I politely explained that we did not supply the plants or the barrier and she requested that I take a look at what was done. Unfortunately, the plants she received were not the species she thought and would have taken years to mature. It also became clear that the barrier was not properly secured and making matters worse, it was back filled with angular stone.

We were hired to fix what was done and replace the short bamboo with some of our locally grown mature divisions. Our plants are already 10'-12' taller than what she had and will mature to full height years ahead of what she was originally sold.

Clifton Heights:

This project was for a young family that wanted privacy from the basketball court behind the house. They had already installed a vinyl fence along the side yard and wanted a taller more natural screen along the back of the property. A root barrier was installed and several 7'-10' plants were added. Picture below is 1 year after planting. 


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