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CC Bamboo is the leader in Bamboo Installation, Management & Removal.

Our Plants are locally grown and harvested from groves that we maintain.

Our belief is that Bamboo is an integral piece of the sustainable puzzle we are trying to solve.

CC Bamboo provides a full guarantee on all of our work.

With every job we do, we continue to raise the bar and set ourselves apart.


MOSO in Wynnewood, PA!

The first ever documented stand of Moso bamboo in the Philadelphia area. Thank God for a microclimate!

We will have lots of photos and info to come on this project. We were recommended by the landscape architect. This is an old estate that was sold and divided to create luxury apartments. Fortunately the developer presevered the 20,000sq' mansion. But the bamboo was destined to be removed. After much negotiation, they agreed to leave some standing. Let's hope the reduced stand did ok over this harsh winter! 

We took the time to harvest several hundred canes that are safely tucked away in a storage container. Contact me directly if interested in Moso Poles. 









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